Circle Lens Review: Neo Dali Brown (Toric)

Hello my little Eyecoholics~

Surprise, surprise, I have 2 posts for you this month (amazing, I know). 2 months ago, I went to get my eyes checked up again and found out I had astigmatism. Because of that, buying regular circle lenses is a lot more expensive and the options are a lot less. I purchased my recent pair from HoneyColor because they were reliable and I’m so glad that I chose them because my custom contacts were created and sent to me in about a month. There was also a holiday promo for getting a free choker. Unfortunately, they ran out, so I got a cute ice-cream pouch instead.

The packageĀ came in after a month and there was free shipping.


Pretty standard plain white box that HoneyColor gives.


Everything was safely packaged and nothing was damaged.


The cute little pouch I got, it doesn’t hold much, but the picture makes me smile šŸ™‚


HoneyColor lenses always have a very fun and colorful box for the lenses themselves. (I however didn’t receive a coupon code like I did before)


These were actually a surprise, the order form had pretty boring green contact cases, but I was presently surprised to find that I got purple owl ones instead. I wonder if it’s compensation for the choker or not.


Your typical glass containers. I was really proud of myself for being able to take off the metal party without any complications. Like an idiot though, I opened them both up and then forgot which one was which eye because I was so excited to see them.


Pretty standard natural lenses, they didn’t have a dark limbo ring to enlarge my eyes and they had very minimal graphic designs on them.


Basic contact procedure is to soak the lenses in new contact solution for 24 hours before wearing them.


Specs:Ā Neo Dali Brown (Toric)

Brand:Ā Neo Vision
Diameter: 14.2mm
Base Curve: 8.60mm
Water Content: 45%
Power Range: 0.00 ~ -10

Comfort: 3/5

These lenses are so dry. They make my eyes irritated and I used a ton of contact solution and eye drops to keep going the whole day. I used an entire bottle in about 8 hours, which is pretty bad compared to the couple of drops I use for the entire day with theĀ GEO Eyevelyn Choco. It was quite bad, but there were times I didn’t notice it at all for a couple hours.

Color: 5/5

I wanted them natural, they’re natural. They blend pretty well with my eyes, although my friends do say my eyes look darker which I don’t understand why because the color of the lenses are lighter than my actual eye color.

Enlargement: .5/5 (0 meaning none, 5 meaning tons)

Similar to theĀ GEO Eyevelyn Choco, these lenses weren’t bought with the intention on enlarge, however they did so slightly. I’m not complaining too much because I can still wear them without makeup and not look too “animey”.

Naturalness: 5/5

They looked super natural, it looks like I donā€™t have contacts in at all.

Buy or Bye

Bye, I would rather look somewhere else for toric lenses because they are pretty uncomfortable to wear on a daily basis and I just decided to stick with my old, out of prescriptionĀ glasses until my new ones arrived.

Note, the thing with toric lenses is that they take quite a bit of time to adjust to your eyes, but after they do that, it’s crystal clear.

Company: 10/10


Like always, HoneyColor was a fantastic company to work with. They took no time for me to receive my order and it was very accurate to what was described.

Overall: 5/10 Potatoes

Although I liked the shipping time and product, the dryness was too much for me on a day to day basis. I did wear the lenses during my senior pictures, but other than that, I don’t know how often I would actually wear them in comparison to my glasses.

I can’t believe I got two posts done in a month (with another on the works at the moment)! Thanks for reading and have an amazing day šŸ™‚

*Photos of the actual lenses being worn will be updated soon.