Circle Lens Review: GEO Eyevelyn Choco & Neo Sunflower Violet

Hello my little Eyecoholics~

I’ve been putting off blogging about this (great first impression am I right?), but I’m so excited to tell you about these contacts I got. I recently bought a pair of contacts from and I’m soooo in love with what I got. Their Color Wave Event offered me an extra pair of contacts and animal case for every pair of contacts I bought (1 for 1? How do they make money? :O). The pair I bought was the GEO Eyevelyn Contacts in the color Choco. Their description (photo below) and the many reviews I read made me decide that I should take the chance with these.


I think what really caught my attention was the black limbo ring, that usually accompanies contacts, wasn’t there (help makes it more natural looking), provides UV protection, and is approved by the US FDA.


The contacts came in 2 weeks (processing and shipping time) and shipping was $7.00.


GEO Eyevelyn Choco (left) & Neo Sunflower Violet (right). The boxes were so cute!


Each pair of contacts came with an adorable animal case ❤


Specs: GEO Eyevelyn Choco

Brand: GEO Medical
Diameter: 14.2mm
Base Curve: 8.60mm
Water Content: 40% +/- 2%
Power Range: 0.00 ~ -7.50

Comfort: 5/5

The biggest problem I had with these are the fact that when I first tried them on, the lens were backwards (they didn’t look any different from normal) so it started to get irritated after a bit but after I switched it, they were sooo comfy! I had them on 10 hours and I didn’t have to use my Magic Eye Water (eye drops) once.

Color: 5/5

I bought them to  be natural and that’s what they are. The contacts themselves had a nice gradient from the outside in and blended seamlessly with my eyes.

Enlargement: .5/5 (0 meaning none, 5 meaning tons)

I didn’t buy them for their enlargement but they did enlarge it a tad bit (I have small eyes). The Neo Violet, although the same size, didn’t have that problem so I’m not sure what happened because both are 14.2mm in diameter.

Naturalness: 5/5

They looked super natural, it looks like I don’t have contacts in at all.

Buy or Bye

100% BUY. I will definitely buy these again and no review is better than a repeated purchase.


2With on the left eye3With on both eyes


Specs: Neo Sunflower Violet

Brand: Neo Vision
Diameter: 14.2mm
Base Curve: 8.60mm
Water Content: 45%
Power Range: 0.00 ~ -10.00

Comfort: 3.5/5

Just like the Eyevelyn, I wore them backwards (^^”) but after that they were pretty comfortable. They didn’t feel super moisturizing like the Eyevelyn,they didn’t feel super drying, which was weird, because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put some Magic Eye Water (contact solution) on them or not.

Color: 3/5

The color is a dark purple, that said, my eyes are also dark brown so you can’t see them at all in dark lighting and only a little bit in a lighted room, but they look pretty in sunlight. I wish these were more vibrant though.

Enlargement: 0/5

These fit perfectly. I didn’t want enlargement (this time) and that’s exactly what I got. I really like smaller contacts simply because my eyes are small and big contacts are either: 1. uncomfortable or 2. make me look like I have no whites in my eyes.

Naturalness: 4.5/5

The contacts look really natural for something that’s purple, but on my dark eyes, they blend really well.

Buy or Bye:

Bye. I wouldn’t purchase these simply because I like a more vibrant color and these didn’t deliver on that.

originalWithout4With on the left eye5With on both eyes

Company: 10/10


HoneyColor was an amazing company to order from, the website layout was easy to maneuver through, and the shipping speed was phenomenal. I’m amazed they had a 1 for 1 sale and I enjoyed the cases they provided.

Overall: 9/10 Potatoes

I really enjoyed the contacts I was given and find myself using them often. The contacts arrived in a very timely manner, prices were hard to beat, and they have a really nice point system that I will definitely be taking advantage of later in the future.

That’s all I have for this time! Thanks for reading and have an amazing day 🙂